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  • What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy/Counseling?
    Have you ever thought about therapy, but decided it wasn't right for you? When it comes to coaching and therapy/counseling there are some definite similarities, as well as some important differences. Both coaching and therapy use the process of dialogue to help people make meaningful changes in their lives. In both contexts, an authentic and caring relationship between coach/therapist and client is central to the process. In both coaching and therapy one person is more in the role of providing guidance and the other is more in the role of receiving guidance. There are also some important differences. In therapy, broadly speaking, the goal is to reduce or remove the effects of mental health challenges (e.g., Clinical Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, etc.). In coaching, the goal is to help clients achieve personally meaningful life goals. At the risk of oversimplifying, you might say that therapy is about getting rid of problems whereas coaching is about adding successes. The two are related of course. Sometimes we have to work through problems or obstacles before we can achieve goals, and sometimes the absence of clear values and a sense of progress in life can leave a person at risk for developing problems in mental health. In short, coaching focuses on clarifying your personal values and transforming them into meaningful, achievable, and fulfilling goals in the context of your current life situation. Coaching tends to be very present-focused and action-oriented. Coaching also often involves various degrees of advice, homework, developing action plans, and so on. While these elements may be present in therapy they are much more common and essential to the practice of coaching.
  • Do you offer Therapy/Counseling?
    I am not a licensed clinical psychologist and I do not offer mental health therapy or counseling. I can, however, provide referrals to local and national resources for mental health treatment. If you are not sure whether coaching or therapy is the right approach for you I am happy to discuss it with you.
  • Where does Coaching take place?
    I am generally available for coaching in-person in Worcester, MA, and via phone or video-conferencing. In the midst of the current pandemic I am not available for in-person coaching.
  • How long does coaching take?
    Clients often see significant progress within 6-8 sessions of coaching. The actual length of a coaching relationship can last from a few weeks to several years depending on the client's goals.
  • What are your rates for coaching and consultation?
    I offer coaching on a sliding scale ranging from $100 - $300 per hour. Part of the mission of my practice is to support pro bono clients who might not otherwise have access to these services. I like paying clients to know that their own work supports the growth and development of those often underserved. Consultation rates depend on the particular project, and the status and mission of the organization (e.g., non-profit versus for-profit). I offer a free 30 minute consultation to determine whether working with me is the right path for you or your organization. Please contact me to discuss in more detail.
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