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Michael Addis, Ph.D.

If you're going to work with a coach, you should know some things about that person!

Teaching and Mentoring

I have worked closely with thousands of undergraduate and doctoral level students in psychology and other disciplines.  I get immense satisfaction out of witnessing people develop more into themselves.  


Psychology / Men and Masculinity

In my role as a Professor of Psychology I've been interested for some time in issues related to men and masculinity.  How do we learn what it means to be a man as we develop, and how does that affect us?  These kinds of questions are part of my broader interest in the science of human well-being. I have written several books and many scientific articles on these and other topics.  

Creative Pursuits


I grew up in a home filled with art and music. I've been playing music on guitar, mandolin, and fiddle since I was a child.  For ten years I pursued traditional briar pipe making. More recently I have started pursuing a life long dream of making acoustic guitars.  I enjoy working with people on the creative process.  



Diversity and Personal Values  

I work to raise awareness of, and to combat,  sexism, racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination and oppression.  It is also important to me to be aware of the ways my own identity influences my work with people of varying identities and backgrounds.   

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